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Homebuyer Education Counseling

Finance New Orleans’s homeownership program, The Green Mortgages Program, requires homebuyer counseling for first-time homebuyers as it is an essential component in the process. Counseling must be completed prior to final loan approval. Finance New Orleans works with participating homebuyer education counseling organizations to offer online and in-person homebuyer education.  These organizations also offer Financial Fitness courses if you need help with understanding and managing your credit, developing a budget and learning about lending institutions.

For more detailed instructions on registering for our homebuyer course, please visit our Homebuyer Education page.

Download our current list of Homebuyer Counseling Agencies


Participating Lenders

Finance New Orleans offers down payment assistance through a network of lenders. In order to qualify for the program benefits, homebuyers are required to apply for a mortgage at any one of our participating lenders. You may choose any one of our participating lenders to complete your mortgage application.

Download the list of Participating Lenders
Updated: July 2022


Financial Documentation

To apply for a mortgage, you’ll need to provide your lender with personal financial information.  This helps you determine the loan amount you may afford and will be used to qualify you for a mortgage.

Download the Financial Documentation List

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